Dreams of Somedays

Eileen Spinelli’s Someday is a delightful expression of a child’s dreams in the now of youth filled days. Like the child’s face looking up at the Someday Sky of Dreams, I’ve begun to think of dreams fulfilled someday for Goldi. As one would suspect, her Someday Story is different.

There are certain images of day to day dreams:

Someday, she’ll glide along the sidewalk like a swan on a clear glass pond. Now she bounces and paces, from one end of the house to another, between bites of food.

Someday, she’ll wear a silky dress with a hair in curls and ribbons for a Sunday Church Service. Now, she’s wearing only pink tagless ones, with the wind to comb and trim her hair.

Someday she’ll be taller than her Daddy and we’ll be asking her to reach for the vase on the high shelf. Now, Daddy bends over for a kiss on the cheek.

There are dreams more ambitious:
Someday she’ll bring the house down as the star of Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, or Cinderella. Now she’s rehearsing them in her favorite “Once a Upon A Woods” stage.

Someday she’ll be a college student strutting her smarts gathered up all along her school aged years. Now, she’s getting her first taste of the long learning journey ahead.

There are Someday dreams that will seem more like battles won:

Someday, she’ll taste an artichoke, mahnti,(it’s one of my favorite Armenian dishes) or turkey with all the trimmings. ( had to throw in something all American and familiar) Now, she’s learning to trust the sights and smells of things as scary as a banana.

Someday, she’ll walk up to a new friend and say “Hello, pleased to meet you.”
Now,she’s often given the script and the reminder to look at them with a smile.

I look for evidence of her Someday Dreams. She’s never uttered a word about her grown up days. She lives in the day to day moment. She lives out dreams in her play. Now, she’s making forts for hiding from the giant. Now, she’s telephoning the princesses and inviting them to her party. Now, she’s waving her magic wand and casting spells of wonder to somehow make this world a better place. She isn’t seeking a blueprint to her future. Instead she’s allowing her imagination to represent things real and true to her.

In attempt to read her heart, I see revelations that sometimes are slightly seen and sometimes softly expressed. Perhaps one “A little more Grown Up Day” Goldi might share:

Someday I will go to Disney World and meet all the princesses. Now, I just watch them on YouTube and imagine that special little girl hugging Cinderella is me.

Someday I will have a real friend who knows who I am and enjoys who I am. Now, I am on the look out for that someone.

Someday, I will express my thoughts so eloquently. Now, I must clarify and accept correction.

Someday I will be brave and step through those open doors not knowing what is on the other side. Now, I may drag my feet but a held hand is encouraging.

Someday I will be a real princess living happily ever after. Now I am working hard to conquer the wicked witch named Autism.

Ultimately there are the Someday Dreams that are more than hope filled notions of day to day life, more than a list of ambitions, and more than battles won. The grandest dreams are prayers lifted up to the One who by His Spirit- put the thoughts there in the first place:

Someday she’ll meet her Creator all Grown up in His Glory. He will rejoice over her with singing because the good work He began in her will be complete. Now, she’s offering simple prayers and thus beginning to dream of that Great Someday.


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