Finding Goldi’s Way

God puts a night light in the sky each night.  Goldi and her brother notice a  glowing, white, round, brightnening of the darkness. It’s a wonder that inspires Goldi.  It’s noticed nearly every night and early morning.  God displays light in the darkness.  It’s possible.

“Daddy, could you please get that moon for me?” Goldi asks her Daddy.  It’s right out of  Eric Carl’s story.  Goldi has heard and read it with me a dozen times. The day she asked her Daddy for the moon, she was serious. She wanted the moon. She had hopes for the impossible.

“Shall I get my rope and lasso it down for you honey!” Daddy responded lovingly.

“No, get your ladder and climb up and get it.  See it’s right there.” Goldi tells him while pointing up.

“Well, I’d better get the biggest ladder I can find. ” Daddy says  in “It’s possible tone”.

Knowing the story so well, she must figure something so impossible must be possible. It’s as easy as getting a ladder.   What would Goldi do with the moon? The girl gets her moon in the story and dances with it. Then she flings it up to the sky and it is out of her hands once again.  Having the moon in your hands wasn’t really practical.

When we learned Goldi had austim, getting the moon seemed like just a dream. An impossible dream.  All the “she’ll nevers” came to  mind.  All the excuses one puts out there when there is a forever obstacle in the way were all too automatic.

If I  thought as Goldi did.  Getting the moon would not be out of reach. It wouldn’t just be a dream never to come true.  If I thought like Goldi did, getting the moon would be possible.

“With God all things are possible! ” she says often with strong expression.

I realize her soul felt belief in this and I am in awe.  She’s believed that the “Sky is the limit” for her and that  the impossible can be possible! Even for her.

She’s had big victories worth recounting. At a family reunion, she shared in front of 20 people.  She’s adjusted to a whole day of kindergarten. She’s conversed with the beauty parlor gal just like a regular customer. No flinching during the haircut.  The things I thought impossible have proved a piece of cake. Things like having a two way conversation with her,   standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people and singing, riding a bike on two wheels, and going to the dentist without any screams. I thought  how in the world this could ever be? They happened. All things are possible. With her heavenly Father as the Light in this deep darkness of a world, all things are possible.

“Daddy, please get the moon for me.” she asks her Earthly Daddy.

“Daddy, please get the moon for her!” I ask my heavenly Father.

Someday Goldi may just hold the moon in her hand and dance with it.





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