Can’t Rhyme your Valentine

Another February session,

of high regard expression,

to all those she holds dear.

The words she’s written, names of friends soon to be smitten,

by their mailboxes full of cheer.

Some write ‘ Roses are red ‘and  some  ‘violets are blue’,  but for her this is challenge and chore,

To use rhyming  is dumbfound,

cause it’s sound all  turned around ,

it’s nonsense and a bore.

It’s another delay –  and surely a sign-

Sorry friends , Dr. Suess  she’s not!

For she can’t rhyme your valentine!

“Next one is Kate”  she eyes on the list .  She knows each friends’ name by sight.

I give her the beginning sound of each name,

For each one she’s accurately right!

Roses are red and violets are blue, – too hard to grasp for her brain.

To match sounds alike,

She responds “take a hike”

That way of  thinking — insane!

Sometimes she won’t  even write on one line,

and she can’t rhyme your valentine!

“My friend Mary looks like a princess,” she says, ” A sparkly one she will need.

She carefully pens out the letters, as I slowly give her the letter sound feed.

She embellishes each name,

treats each one the same,

with swirls and circles galore.

I won’t ask her to do anything else. That would be quite a chore!

Though cat rhymes with bat and cake rhymes with snake

This  headwork, she can’t even fake!

She proudly tells me “There, they all look just fine!”

But  she can’t rhyme your valentine!

To read well, you need phonemic  awareness,

a study of sounds, blending, and rhyming.

It’s early childhood reading- foundational.

Of great matter and appropriate timing.

To understand my early literate,  with a teacher and mom hat I wear,

I see writing  sometimes sloppy

and her left to right direction choppy,

Something I give a cold stare.

But what matters to her this season,

Does not give valid reason,

For me to feel worse for the wear.

She’s happy to bring, a smile that will sing

To her, each kid counts and she cares!

In this learning process,  I’ve discovered her way ,

to read, write, and show she’s a friend.

This Valentines Day she’s made a card, that some may simply not send.

So what! She can’t rhyme,

at least not at this time,

She’s not missed the important part:

For each Valentine card despite absence of rhyming,

I found she’s put forth her heart.


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