Nobody, Someone, Everybody

 All the Nobodies strive to be Someone in order to be a part of the Everybody.  To help you understand who is who, let me help you. The Nobodies are the known but ignored. They are disregarded or thought of as less.  You know the plain belly Sneech. The one who didn’t go to the hot dog roast. Those are the ones. The Someones are those that have status. They have the star on their bellies. They have the 50 or more likes on Facebook or better yet, comments. They have arrived. The  Everybody is the normed reference from which we draw information. They are the majority of people who feel, believe, and live a certain way. The Everybody is the widely accepted because they are full of a whole lot of Someones.

On one hand I am all three. I live in my own little world and lead a fairly “quiet” life. I am certainly no big time celebrity recognized by People Magazine. I know what it feels to be ignored and forgotten. I wasn’t the big girl on campus by any means. I was the shy wallflower with buck teeth. Yet, more often, I feel so much like a Someone and a part of the Everybody.  It feels pretty good to be the one who gets to attend the marshmallow and hot dog roast. It is easy to enjoy and relish in the Someone that you are and forget the “Nobodies”.

These are thoughts that race through my mind as I raise one who might feel like a “Nobody” at times. Her skills of social interaction might push her into the “Nobody” crowd.  She speaks sometimes in tangents, or disconnected discourse. She is confusing and weird. Her hand flapping and jumping when excited cause stares. Being born “not typical” she is automatically in our cruel society given a “Nobody” label. I have read stories that are too real to our lives. Stories of a parent holding their crying child because they are regarded as “Nobody” with no friends to indicate they are Someone. There are no birthday party invitations and no play dates. No telephone calls. Just loneliness.  This is the pain of the “Nobody.”

This “Nobody” treatment comes in little dosages. It happens when my girlie says hello to a “friend” and gets ignorance. It happens when she invites a “Someone” to play and they turn away. It happens when her “out of the box” behavior is regarded as too different and not the way. This is the threat of living a life of a “Nobody.” And as the story goes, McBean, the money maker guy earns a fortune on the  be Someone and join the Everybody concept says “You can’t teach a Sneech.” That is just the way it is. Not a chance. Not a chance?

Turns out, Mr.  McBean was quite wrong, we are happy to discover. They learn a valuable lesson on that day on the beach. A Sneech is a Sneech. Bottom line we are all Someones. We are ALL included in the EVERYbody. My child is and will always be a Someone.  If the God of all the Universe would die so that ALL of us (whether you believe it or not) “Nobodies” can be Somebodies, than we certainly welcome anyone and leave No-body apart from the Everybody by regarding them as  Somebodies. Each Someone can contribute something amazing to Everybody world. I witness this daily raising my Someone. Chances are parents of  special needs kids ( some really big Someones)  do too.

Dare to see each person as Someone. Recognize the quantity of  EVERY in Everybody. It is a lesson we must learn or we ourselves are simply being Nobodies.


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