Today, Yesterday, and Tomorrow

We just came back from the beach, eating out, and playing with friends. “Okay, it’s time to go home.” I say in a calm voice breaking into all the giggles. To the kids, it’s like the breaking down noise of a record or film projector. My daughter stops, and says her usual,  “and then we wake up”. This is her way of saying – what’s next?  Today is soon to be over. What about tomorrow? She needs to know.  Her yesterday is remembered, her today is her currently on her mind, and her tomorrow is wondered about. All in one thought simultaneously.

Should everyday be therefore planned and storied out for her? Should I always have the blueprint in place for today and tomorrow so that yesterday will always be a contribution to happy, well planned out  memories? Impossible even for the high maintenance controlling type.  Life is just like that. Most people operate at the speed of light.  Sometimes you just can’t live any other way in order to survive.

  We drive, go out to dinner, … maybe even say our wedding vows- ( I am sure this has been done) while we text.  We have a conversation at the pace 55 miles an hour ( can your mouth move that fast?) each one talking about something different and your job is to follow along. We go 80 and the speed  limit is already 70!  We get our feed of news through sound bites. We tweet. We talk in abbreviations. We wear our underwear in public- a short cut to getting dressed to save time. (okay maybe that is more a complaint than a sign of faced paced but maybe not?)We are a nervous wreck when our technical gadgets break down.  The George Jetson age is looking more and more like the dinosaur age. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all running together. Think about it.

My grandmother lived to be 100 years old. She remembered yesterday vividly. When I asked her on of her “todays” ( meaning a day when I was around and so was she) “What did you do today?” She once said “Nothing!” The tone was a little bit frustrated but also… hinting at this… Do I have to have a laundry list of activities to make this day count?) I know many a time, she just enjoyed sitting and talking. That was her idea of “nothing”. She saw the sign of yesterday, today, and tomorrow running together. She knew how to stop it. Do nothing. Halt time. Ironically now, she knows the no stopping of life- but only  life of pure today always.

I am five years from halfway to 100.  For me even now, yesterday, today, and tomorrow run together. Each today, I deal with the immediate needs both planned and unplanned. I story through the tomorrow to prepare for what probably will be for my daughter’s sake and my son’s. I somehow record the yesterday, for fond memories of a day that counted. Each day counts and in fact is numbered. Even if I don’t do the math or the recording, Someone else is doing it for me. That  Someone is the one who authored yesterday, today, and tomorrow. They are all one in the same to Him.

Here we are remembering today which is changing to yesterday by the moment. We are thinking about tomorrow and trying to make it all count towards a well numbered life. “And when we wake up” my daughter will say when I tuck her in tonight. “Let’s just wait and see” won’t do. Maybe there is a way to hold all three in one moment. Until then we are closing in on tomorrow …. then… today, then…..


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