Snowflake Special

Winter isn’t winter until I’ve  read this book to my students.  Seven winters now,  it may be time to show Goldi the wonder of this book.  I’ve closed the book in kindergarten and I will soon open up a new one out called Snowflakes Fall. 

Just to tell them once more of one of winter’s wondrous secrets. As you ( if you live in Winter Wonderland territory)  see the snowflakes wash fall into winter, remember -You are the only You! You are special like a snowflake.

I confess that the word “special” seemed trite to me. Perhaps ever since I remember Mr. Rogers sang about it while zipping his sweater, tying his shoes, or  while showing his face through an aquarium with fish swimming through his head? Or perhaps it was because “special” was so overrated. It was preached so often-  I am special. You are special. I like this and I can do that. That makes me special.

Wilson Bentley knew a different kind of special.  He spent hours holding out frozen black platforms for nearly each snowfall. He showed slide shows of his snowflakes in the yard in the spring.  At first the special of a snowflake were”Oooed” and “Ahhed” at for a bit, and then they were just an “eh”.  But Wilson held on to a love of each snowflake he eyed.

The last time it snowed, I stuck out my dark colored mitten, and one snowflake  rested long enough for me to hold “special” in my hand.  A chill of amazment swept over me. THIS snowflake resting on my mitten, is the only one of its kind. One that will vanish in seconds.

I  did know “special” like Wilson did and not just from that moment. There are some pretty Snowflake Special people in the world. There’s Team Hoyt. They have done more triatholons than I can count.

There’s that Australian guy, Nick Vujicic,- no arms and no legs. But married with a child, and waking up everyone to a upward and onward attitude.

There’s Gina Incandela, an autistic girl,who sang the National Anthem with  a standing ovation voice.

Snowflake Special is in all of them.  There is a world of gifts they have been granted despite their one thing that could have made their life a “might have been” .  The world may whisper to me that I am above these Snowflakes – and my normality and capability certainly lumps me into the more than special.

But I know a certain Snowflake that humbles me into a deeper understanding of special. I know Snowflake Special because of Goldi.   It has a little  to do with the blue of her eyes or her golden hair. It’s has a little to do with the way she can remember from way back when. It even has a little to do with her flapping and jumping. But it has more and everything to do with her Creator, Who in His boundless creativity, gave the gift of bringing life to any day of the week and enables her to bring about a  life beyond her autism. A Creator who looks at Goldi and calls her His masterpiece.  Just look at this:

It’s what only God can do. He’s made us all more than special. He’s made us Snowflake Special.

He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17


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