Her Namesake

I was a first time mom. Naming our  first child occupied my thoughts.  I was a teacher, and after 17 years, it seemed I knew every name in the book.  There were names permanently attached to certain personalities, that I so desperately wanted to avoid! Names that if given a dollar for every time I said them, I would be able to afford a condo in Florida. Names I couldn’t say without  thinking of the “stripper song”. Names that seemed to indicate some sort of Your Highness attachment or floppy -eared puppy dog. Names that if multiple syllables indicated genius or geek, and if one- jock, stud, or country boy.

After all the mind travelling through the many places we’ve lived, and people we have met,  my husband and I  went to our roots.  She’s named now. Has been for nearly eight years. Was her name a perfect fit? Did we name our Goldi right?

Her Namesake  came from her “GG”-  Great Grandma, who came from the exotic island of Cyprus. Most know little or nothing about it. She spoke five different languages fluently. She was 100% Armenian, a race very few know about.  They were massacred – well before the Jewish Holocaust. Those that survived quieted their horrible secrets, held their heads high, and moved forward taking on future challenge with grace.  She was a reminder that sometimes knowing this history is worth a little something.

One taste of her food, and you would know the meaning of art in cooking. She had all the particulars of fine etiquette, mastered. So much so, that she befriended many Big Wigs. Her never ending fussiness made everything a museum of cleanliness, order, and just right.

Golid’s GG has been long gone. A meeting here on this earth was not to be. But I wonder often of the “might have been scene” of  our  bouncy, messy haired, echolialia speaking eight year old Goldi and her GG .

I can almost hear her voice saying “She’s making me dizzy with all that jumping.”

I can see her sweeping up the crumbs of all that missed Goldi’s tongue.

But I can also smell her melt in your mouth breadsticks. Goldi would ask for more than one.

I can see Goldi twirling around as I did while her GG played nursery rhyme delighs on the piano.

Goldi will only know her Namesake through those that  carry her story and memories. At eight years old, we are still getting to know Goldi. Her GG has been Home for 12-13 years and I knew her for as long as remembering was possible. Did we name our Goldi right?

This  will always go here and that will always go there in Goldi ‘s world.  And with this Just Right demand, everything is a museum of play and invention.  Goldi has autism- the world learning about it may mean a little something.  She holds on to so many undiscovered secrets waiting to be told. But her hurts and frustrations of having autism are quieted right now. Instead she simply moves forward, lives, and learns.

She comes up with some new way to express a story or show the masterpiece within her. She has hobbled through relations with others but still tends to be the bright spot in their day.

It was to remember and honor my grandmother, that we gave Goldi her Namesake. If they met today, I know GG would be honored.  But even more than that, GG knew something that I hope Goldi will also one day. It is for His Name sake that we are who we are. It is for His name sake that we have our very being.  “For he leads me along the path of righteousness for His name sake. ” (Psalm 23)  Yes, we named her right!

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