One Snow Day in First Grade

It started with the” Battle of the Buts”.

“But that’s not fair. This can’t be!” Goldi cries.

“But no one is going to school today. Look outside. ” I tell her.

The window view is dark. The wind scares the snowflakes into a tizzy making everything look  steamy.  One has to squint to picture  the neighbors house across the street.

“See,” I tell her, the blizzard outside made everyone stay home today.”

“But you can’t cancel school. ” Goldi shouts.

“But, I didn’t,  all the school bosses did.”

“But what about library, and gym, and my word wall words?” she asks with scrunched eyebrows.

“We can have some school right here at home. Your mom is a real teacher.” I assure her.

“But mom, she says I want my real teacher to come to my house.” she concludes.

My aching heart!  How could she choose her school, her teacher, her friends, over me?  My mind screams with the threat of : I could home school you instead you  know! 

With a deep breath, I say “This is a gift we’ve been given.  We’ll have fun together. ”

But for the moment, no outside romping in the snow, no  hot chocolate, playing with new Christmas toys, or making melt in your mouth biscuits, causes this “Battle of the Buts” to a cease fire.

After all, it’s school. All her friends are there. Her kind and beautiful Princess Aurora look alike teacher is there. The Wondrous Word Wall is waiting full of sweet vocabulary that was always on the tip of her tongue. There is a box of books fit for her own hands. There is a desk with smooth and shiny pencils, a heavy phonics book,  and perhaps a few crumbs of previous learnings.  The entire school now blanketed in snow is sleeping.

No lunch today and buying milk in the line. No lining up to go to gym. No calendar time. No math workshop.  No waving hello to anyone who passes her in the hallway. No pledge of allegiance. It is enough to bring my Goldi into the depths of despair.

As the daylight begins to show itself and the snowflakes go into hiding, ( But for how long?) Goldi does as she always does- looks for a little sunshine to give her a lift.

“Mom, look there is a hill! ” she exclaims.

“Oh the snowplow came and made it. ”

“Can we get our stuff on and go outside and play?”

I take a deep breath and prepare my toes, fingers, and lungs. ( I did spend 4 years in Minnesota – so 14 below 0 is  a heat wave right?)

Monday, ( Lord willing) the alarm clock will sound and the first  wacking of a locker door, or the sweet “Good Morning Call” of their teacher, or the sight of a first grade friend, or the first starting bell, will bring to life the treasured happiest place on earth that Goldi calls SCHOOL.  Goldi loves school! She LOVES it!  It’s enough to warm my heart!


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