The Princess and the Truck

Once upon a time, there was a princess named – “You Take Your Pick.”  Choose from the list of princesses permeating  my little girl’s world-  Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White are the familiar to me. But ah-there’s so many more-Ariel, Belle,  Tiana, ….Wait for the new and improved Princess next year to add to the list. I’ll choose a favorite- Cinderella.

Princess Cinderella  lived in her shiny castle in the green hills full of flowers. One day she was getting ready for the Happy Birthday Ball.  All of the sudden….VROOM- “You take your pick” ( Tonka, or Mater, or Chuck- my knowledge of Truck characters are limited. I  choose Tonka – it just says Truck to me )  rides in.

“Hello Princess Cinderella, What are you doing?” asks Tonka

“Well, I am getting ready for the Birthday Ball” says Cinderella.

“Can I come too?” Tonka asks.

“Well, I’m not sure. It’s not for trucks. Only for princesses and princes. ” answers Cinderella.

“Please Princess, I promise I will be good. ”

“Well, okay sure!” agrees Cinderella.

Tonka races off and finds a present to load up in his back dumping thing- ( again I know there is a term for it but I’m not retaining my truck terminology)

Tonka comes back to the princess who is decked out in a pink dress, wings, and a magic wand.

“Wanna ride on my truck Princess? ” Tonka asks.

“Well, princesses are supposed to ride in a carriage.” answers Cinderella.

“Okay, I will race you there. “says Tonka.

When both arrive at the party, all the other princesses look at Tonka.

“What he is HE doing here?” they all ask.

“Well, ” says Princess Cinderella,  “Everyone, this is Tonka . Maybe we can give him some cake?”

“Hello, Mr. Tonka. Do you like chocolate or vanilla cake?” one other princess asks.

“Well, chocolate but please no frosting!” says Tonka

And it was a very good birthday party! THE END

“Mom, can I have a snack?” Tonka, (I mean my son,) shouts .

“Put your trucks back into your room!” demands Princess Cinderella,( I mean my daughter.)

Ah, yes! For a moment, all was well when the Princess Cinderella and the Tonka truck played and pretended.  It was like magic. Pure sweetness. Two polar opposite play themes intertwined together to make a happily ever after ( if you are a princess) or a cool ( if you are a truck) or clever- ( if you are a parent)  play scheme.

The permeation of both trucks and princesses on the minds of my kids provides a happy play experience. I love the way imagination ignites when they take on these roles. To play together as Princess and Truck takes some serious planning and creativity in play improvisation. They can roll, jump, Vroom, race, transport, ( What else to trucks do?)They can dance, sing, prance around, wave, (What else is there for a princess to do?) The Princess in her and the Truck in him makes play a joy to watch and hear.

The permeation of Truck and Princess is also a nauseating one. I wasn’t even feeling faint about this until I became a parent.   I can’t do the normal things in life without facing a princess or a truck. Want to buy some kid underwear? Truck or Princess are big options. You have to dig or really look for something different. You want to give them noodle soup for lunch? Princess and Truck pasta shapes – heat and serve. Brush your teeth, wash your hair, blow your nose ( no  seen tissues out there yet right? ) you can do it with the help of a Princess or Truck.

For now, a big part of my kids play involves a certain Princess ( You take your pick) and a certain truck. ( I think I remembered another one- Hot Wheels) It has given them roles and ideas for play. They feel comfortable in them and it seems to come natural. ( and they haven’t even seen a whole lot of Disney Princess or Truck movie stuff….yet) While they try on Princess and Truck for size, they might find they are compassionate, brave, fast, graceful, adventurous, hard working, creative, and fun. Perhaps through play, discovering more of who their Creator made them to be.

“Here’s your oatmeal honey, ” I say

“Mom, my name’s Mater.” son says

“Honey, would you like to color with me at the table?” I ask my daughter.

“Well, in a moment Mother, ” she replies, “I have to talk to Snow White about the tea party.”

The Princess and the Truck live happily, cool, cleverly,  ever after.

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