Time is of the Essence

Just four days into the New Year already. Time doesn’t stop or even pause.  On Eve of the New Year, when the ball dropping moment comes, the  past, present, and future collide.  In a matter of seconds or minutes, you can start a conversation,  write an e-mail,  or eat a sandwich and realize it took  bits of last year, now, and this year to complete. The ball dropping  into the New Year is a moment where I am reminded that time is  moving forward and changing everything.

As I age, I sometimes get overwhelmed with the speed of time. Think the Mid Life Crunch Scene from City Slickers. mqdefault[2]  “Yes, value this time in your life kids when you are young because it all goes so fast. ”   Watch it on Youtube and note the “astonished bored out of their wits kids” listening. (after the “Don’t Do Drugs Guy with super human strength- it was a tough act to follow) .

Time flies.  Grandparents would say it. Parents warned us.  Maybe at the point of the mid life crisis we realize this. Maybe we realize it on our first child’s first birthday because the year prior was such a blur.  Maybe we realize it when a grown man recognizes you at a restaurant as their second grade teacher.   Age will eventually bonk you on the head and  “Hello” better start saving for a hearing aide- because you’ll be there in a closer someday than you thought.

Time flies.  Here is an exploration of “timely” expressions to be mindful of as you begin your 2014 time.

Oh! Look at the time!  You are either completely enjoying yourself having lost track of time or you have been too busy to notice the time. You may be using this as a way to excuse yourself from boredom and join in on some other exciting time.  It is a polite way of exiting stage left because it happens to be a “what’s  wrong with this picture I am in it” time.

Time Well Spent– Painting with bubbly water on the slider window with a pastry brush .   ( currently being done while I write by two bystanders. )  Teaching my kids to engage in creative play. Allowing some serious floortime with them. A heartfelt worship of the Lord of all time.   Time well spent is one way to make time glide, float, or do anything but fly.

Delayed- This word means something more personal than just a cancelled flight or being late for a job interview. Delayed is when the doctor tells you that your child is behind overall developmentally and needs catching up. Delayed meant your child was not ready or able yet for anything that others did “on time”.  Delay can be a good thing. Often being delayed allows for the best to happen. Delaying may make us stronger.  Delay often means not yet for a very good reason.

Good things come to those who wait-  I’m not sure what good thing comes from being   stuck as number 125 out of 125 people waiting at the Secretary of State Office just to get a  required current photo for your driver’s license.  There is a more purposeful wait.  You remember, practice, plan, and move forward in steps.  In doing so, our wait reaps reward.  When there is a wait there is anticipation, expectation, and even hope.  We must not discredit the wait.  Here in Michigan, we are experiencing a LONG winter. We begin the waiting for spring. Sometimes we forget what spring looks like. The winter buries it deep. But after this LONG wait, the trees and grass will look greener. The flowers will be brighter and ample. The birds’ song will be heavenly.  Without the wait, perhaps spring will just be spring.

Time of Day- You realize you have no way of knowing the correct time and really need to know.  ( I don’t wear a watch. ) You look around for the right person to give you the time of day. Surely  any decent person walking along will help. But this is a much deeper timely expression.   To refuse to give the time of day to the one who is without the “watch” may result in more than just leaving them without some basic information.  Reach out and give someone the time of day.

Are We There Yet? –  In my younger times, the ride to Buffalo, New York was the longest ride on earth. Twenty million times we kids played the license plate game, the ABC game on road signs, and the “tap the song” on your back game.  We still weren’t there yet.  You can watch movies on the road now.  We’ve yet to start that with our kids. They still need to get the nagging, annoying, and agonizing repetition every five minutes of “Are we there yet?” We’ve only been to Buffalo once now as a family.  The “Are We There yet?” challenge is to cure the boredom or the drudgery of time standing still with all the wonderful  possibilities that could fill that time.

It’s already 2014.   Time flies.  Look carefully at the time you have. Spend your  time well. Find the purpose in the delay. Note the good received after the wait.  Look for those without clocks and give them the time of day.  Should time stand still apply patience and consider some possibilities. Happy 2014 time.


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