Thomas Whackerbee is a character I invented who is also a real TV bug. He sits like a zombie in front of the tube and even the smell of homemade cookies cannot bring him away from the television. I hope to publish or share this story to the “world” someday. But who knows.

I wrote it before having children and even before I married. As a teacher I would get so frustrated with kids who essentially buzzed and beeped television all day long- when they share something, when they wrote a story, or even drew a picture. It’s 2012 and it is only getting worse. Our brains have been taken over by anything that beeps, lights up, makes music, shows a cool picture, etc.

My challenge is to NOT create TV bugs out of my children. And IF they are going to watch television I choose a DVD and there is no regular television. IF they are watching television I have appreciated in particular two programs on DVD. Max and Ruby and Little Bear.

Max and Ruby is based on the books by Rosemary Wells a British author. In fact, all of the episodes the stories in the books come to life. Max is lovable and Ruby is a girly girl. Rather bossy too I might add. But there is a great brother sister relationship established. Each program features slower and clear speech, pause, and delightful humor. Pictures are not too detailed, movement is not to fast and over stimulating, and the story is easy to follow.
My children have found various stories to be memorable and even helped them develop play schemes.

Little Bear based on the books, is also one that has been helpful to my kids. Many of the same reasons as mentioned for Max and Ruby are also true for Little Bear. Just like watching a Mr. Rogers episode, it is calming and innocent. It is also true to the stories.

IF my children are to watch television I will be choose and mindful of the time. And I will oversee the programs carefully. So far with no TV this is easily done. I hope in the near future when more gadgets are invented, I can continue this.

Thank you for reading. To God be the Glory.


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