It has taken me years to understand blogging. What would be a real purpose for blogging? I find so many reasons to write but for what audience? Myself and those close to me are one to read and find meaning in the words that I write. But if I write to post or publish will it be a self act. One that is purely to get the attention of someone else ? Or is it one where I think on “paper” and then find resolve to the thoughts that race around in my head. If shared, do people gain from it? If so what do they gain?

In addition, there is much to write about. Shall I focus on the early developing child? What about today’s times and the losing of the good old days? What about my own daughter and how much I am learning through the raising of an autistic child or my son who is far beyond his age in thinking. What about God and how He threads through all of this. God is our mind maker. So, what glory will He get from my thinking and revealing through writing?

Out there are many words being spoken, written, sung, painted, and printed in some unique way. And those words have meaning and are interpreted once in print. The only words that are worth reading are those of God. My prayer is that all my words point to Him.

I have followed only a couple of blogs that are in the family. I see through their blog journey how they have matured in their faith, thought and worked through their life trial, or even made a decision after seeing a thought in print. In this very blog, I am working through writing to decide to blog and post a blog.  Thanks for reading. God be the glory.


One thought on “Blogging

  1. Keep 'em coming, Tonia! Because your heart is to bring honor to the Lord, I'm sure this will come out in your thoughts. And, for what it's worth, it helps me feel more connected with you than I would otherwise. 🙂 Love to you, Al and the kids!

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